Welcome to mamamama.org, we are a non profit organization with the main goal of providing aid for those families in need. We help men and women with children on the right guidance to help them have a healthy living. We also provide lessons for young parents, and adults on basic needs for the every day living. If you like to learn about us, please check our projects for our events list.


What is the purpose of our organization? 

Our aid is to assist people that can’t do things on their own, so we aid them on how to do them. 

What kind of people do we assist?

Teenagers, Adults, and the elderly who cannot do things for themselves.

Do we travel to your place? 

In some cases, we do. But, most people we assist them over the phone.

How can you contact us? 

First, they must make an appointment by e-mail. And then, we communicate over the phone. 

Do we charge for our services? 

No, generally we don’t charge to aid others. But, we accept small donations from contributors. 

What is the best e-mail to contact us? 

Our e-mails goes directed to: rose184me@yahoo.com

Where are we located? 

We are based on NYC.

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